Cyber Security Hub

Cyber defence simulation of Internet of Things and Mobile Networks in the Cyber Range

The research is funded by the Estonian Research Council through the RITA program, which aims to help the country become a smart subscriber and user of applied research. The budget of the program comes from the resources of the European Regional Development Fund and the Estonian state.

Project Partners:

  • University of Tartu: Institute of Education
  • University of Tartu: Institute of Computer Science
  • CybExer Technologies OÜ
  • NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre (NATO CCDCOE)
  • Thinnect OÜ
  • Elisa Eesti AS

The hidden side of ever increasing digitalization is the vulnerability of vital cyber systems and services to attacks. In order to prepare for and prevent possible threats, the Estonian Research Council commissioned an applied research project based on the needs of the Ministry of Defense and the Estonian Information System Authority (RIA).

The objective of the project is to create a Cyber Range extension for conducting cyber defense exercises to improve the capabilities of Critical Infrastructure Providers to protect the society against potential threats arising with the use of emerging technologies, such as the Internet of Things and next-generation mobile connectivity technologies.

A simulated Physical Village will be created that comprises multiple Critical Infrastructure applications that make use of different connectivity technologies for end devices. Also, virtual copies of the Physical Village will be created, where all the hardware components and communication links are virtualized, enabling training at a larger scale and at a lower cost. A Cyber Exercise Range extension will be designed and created that facilitates training to improve the safety of the society today and tomorrow, an environment, methods, and tools will be developed for protecting information systems of Critical Infrastructure.

Start of the project: January 2020
End of the project: March 2022

Project introduction video